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There are many variants of the name Emil, a few include:

Female forms include Emily, Emilia, and Amelia




There are several different pronunciations of the name Emil.  You can listen to some of them here. I can only pronounce the name the way my mother said it, which is closest to the way the person from Missouri said it in that video.  It’s like “Eh-Mill”.  Although I’ve heard it said “Ee-Mull”, “Eh-Meal”, and many other ways.  I think the different pronunciations are also associated the different variants above or locations below:




The name Emil derives from Aemilios / or Aemilia which is a family name in ancient Rome.  They were said to be a powerful family that always strived to be the best. Aemilios translates from Latin as “rivals”, but the name Emil also means something like “excellence”, “industrious”, or “eager”. 


Origin & Popularity:


It turns out that Emil is a relatively rare name where I live in California, so many people trip over it.  But it is much more common in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. And of course, Emilio is popular in Italy, Emile in France, and Emily popular as a female name in North America.


Famous people:


List of famous people named Emil.